Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The York
The York is about the size and shape of a classical guitar.  These guitars are much louder than you would expect from a small-bodied instrument.  Unless otherwise specified, these have a 24.9" scale length and 1 3/4" nut width.  The body is 19 1/8" long and 14 1/2" wide at the lower bout.  I like playing these guitars.  They are responsive, easy to play, and the size is easy on my shoulders.  This model sells quickly.

The York
   The York Blues Champion

119 york 104 York
112 front
116 in sho[
York 115

119- Engelmann top, Osage Orange back and sides.  Cherry neck.  Sounds much bigger than it looks!  About the size of a typical classical guitar.
1 13/16" nut


104- Engelmann top, Osage Orange back and sides.  African Mahogany(Khaya) neck.  Great sound in an easy to play guitar.  About the size of a typical classicalguitar.
1 3/4" nut


112- Engelmann top, Persimmon back and sides.
It sounds wonderful!  I like Persimmon!
1 3/4" nut

On display at The House of Musical Traditions in Takoma Park, MD.
116 - Engelmann top, mahogany back, sides, and neck.  EIR bridge and trim.
1 11/16" nut

I don't build many with this narrow a neck but I made this one for those with smaller hands.  It's the sister to 115 in the next box.

115- The Blues Champion
In the style of the old blues guitars but with clarity and a strong voice.  Mute it with your palm for old style thunk or play it wide open for emphasis.  It's all there.

Oregon Sitka top, mahogany back, sides, and neck.  Sycamore binding, persimmon bridge, holly markers.
1 3/4" nut


120- All USA woods:  Redwood top, Osage Orange back, sides, bridge and fingerboard.  Cherry neck. Walnut trim. Built for silk and steel strings only!  This one has a more mellow tone than its steel-stringed siblings, but it's not quiet.  When I first picked it up, it started playing folk songs from the 60s.  It's even easier to play than my other guitars.
1 13/16" nut


Here's a video of Christopher Cavaliere playing one of his originals "Stole the Tongue" on his York guitar.

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