Handmade Guitars by Bob Gramann

The James
These are jumbo bodies, 16 1/4" across the lower bout.  Each has the large deep sound you expect from a jumbo body and the richness you expect from one of my guitars.  With the exception of the baritone, these have a 25.4" scale, trading ease of play for a bit more pop and punch in the notes.  I had to stop gigging with my James models because I kept getting distracted by the sound.  If you like big guitars, you will like these.

The James

64 James 77 Front
98 front
64 - Engelmann top, sycamore back and sides, maple neck.  Beautiful body, amazing sound. Every sycamore guitar I have made sounds wonderful.

 77- All North American woods: Walnut backand sides, Adirondack top, Osage Orange bridge and fingerboard, maple bindings, persimmon pins.  Big and clear sound.  It's hard to compare to anything--you'll have to hear it.  On display at Picker's Supply in Fredericksburg, VA

98 - Engelmann top, Persimmon back and sides, Macassar Ebony trim.  When I first strummed it, the sound made me gasp.  This one is pretty special.


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