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Bob Gramann likes songs that say something new or look at something old in a new way -- songs that make the listener focus, reflect, and react.  His songs aim for that spark of insight, that "Aha!" of listener satisfaction.  Current events and human priorities give him ample material for reflection, humor, and satire.  An avid canoeist and conservationist, Gramann is especially proud that his musical urgings raise public awareness of river and environmental issues.

Five CDs of Gramann's original songs are available from his website. His most recent, ...Mostly Live, includes many of the stories and song introductions that he is noted for.  It is also available for download by song or by album from CD Baby.  His other albums are Mostly True Songs, See Farther in the Darkness, Grandad Planted Trees, and (named for his 'greatest hit') That Squirrel Song.   
During the past two decades, Gramann has earned respect as a songwriter and guitar maker in central Virginia.  He made the instruments he plays as well as over 100 fine guitars and banjos for others.  You can see him perform at the Friends of the Rappahannock concerts in Fredericksburg and sometimes at the Fredericksburg Songwriters Showcase.  Although he is not avidly seeking gigs, he is available for private shows, house concerts, and other acoustic venues.

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Showcase 11/28/08
photo by Lou Gramann
showcase 11/28/08 with banjo

photo by Lou Gramann
Smoot Library

photo by Carol Cutuli
 Earth Day
photo by Free Lance Star
Earth Day 4/14/2012
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photo by Dave Stockdill
Bob Sings for Dam Blow Day 2/24/2004
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Bob Gramann
122 Laurel Avenue
Fredericksburg, VA 22408

(540) 898-0611