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A sample of my latest CD I Made It Just for You  (available on CDBaby)

We Don't Talk About That I wrote this a week before Michelle Obama's speech at the Democratic Convention.  It must have been an idea that was in the air at the time.

Art 203  Maybe this explains the 2016 Presidential Campaign?

You Could Have Loved Me  My musician friends and I have trouble classifying the exact genre of this song.
Cypress Canoe  In response to a challenge to write a song about global warming.

Some live recordings from  ...Mostly Live:   (available on  CDBaby )
Earth Day 2014

You're Nothing but A Pack of Neurons  Recorded at the Smoot Memorial Library in King George, VA on March 18, 2008.
Ferry Story  Recorded at the Smoot Memorial Library in King George, VA on March 18, 2008.
Whack! Whack! Whack!  Recorded at the FOR Rappahannock Riverfest on September 20, 2008, with Hal and Paul.

Below are all of the songs from my 2001 CD See Farther in the Darkness in high fidelity mp3 at 192k bit rate available for download.  I found these songs offered for sale on a website located in Russia.  I have no relationship with the people selling them there and receive no proceeds from those sales.  I don't know where they obtained the files.  Anyway, I'd rather you got them from me.  If you would like to pay me for them I would like that, too.  Send me a check for what you think they are worth to you (Bob Gramann, 122 Laurel Avenue, Fredericksburg, VA  22408), or, if you have a Paypal account, log into Paypal, click the send tab, and send your money to my e-mail address (   And, of course, you may still buy the actual CD (see the link to CD below).

These files are taken from the CD which was released in 2001. I plan to update some of these songs with later recordings.  When that happens, you have my permission to download the new version without sending me anymore money.  Thank you for your interest and support.

All for Loving You Malachi Constant, the hero of Kurt Vonnegut’s book The Sirens of Titan, declares “I was the victim of a series of accidents, as are weall.”  An automobile accident in 1908 resulted in the marriage of my grandmother to my grandfather.  Maybe there’sa better reason for being?
bass: Bob Gramann
Turn Out the Lights A conglomeration of car dealers and other commerical lighting hasstolen my night sky.  With thoughtful lighting, maybe the night sky could come back.
You’re Nothing But a Pack of Neurons This song honors Francis Crick, who along with James Watson, described DNA to the world.  For the past 30 years, he has been researching human consciousness.  The title and hook of this song comes from his book The Astonishing Hypothesis.
bass: Peter Mealy    harmony: Laurie Rose Griffith
Mountain Stream  Paddling a canoe down a challenging, steep creek is one of my greatestpleasures.  This song could be about any of the streams in the upper watershed of the Rappahannock.  But, when I sing it, Ialways think of a particular rapid on the Savage River in Maryland.
bass: Bob Gramann   fiddle: Laura Lengnick
Rappahannock Running Free Demolition of the Embrey Dam on the Rappahannock occurred in 2004.
bass: Peter Mealy
The Battle of the Squirrel and the CEO  This has been one of my greatest hits.  My dad has given me many things, including this song.
harmony: Diana Cannon and Mark Gramann
    bass vocal and string bass: Mark Gramann
    mandolin: Marc Carraway
Kid’s Talk  The internet and MTV haven’t changed the sounds emanating from a playground.
Try to Change It As inevitable as it is for the lucky, aging brings some frustrations that don’t always yield to increased effort.
The Taylor Catalog Song Many of the words in this song are from the 2001 Taylor GuitarCatalog.  I had to put that book away.  The guitar lust it awakened could really get me in trouble.
Best Friends When my neighbor lost her husband of 50 years, she told me “He was my best friend.”  I feel very fortunate to know exactly what she meant.
fiddle: Laura Lengnick
Metric Time  In the fall of 1993, the Department of Transportation announced that states without metric units on their road signs by 1995 would lose their federal highway funding.  The following January, the Virginia General Assembly  passed a bill denying any state money for metric road signs.  In March of 1994, the Clinton administration announced that it would not enforce the Metrification Act of 1988. What if metric went all the way?
bass: Peter Mealy
On the Edge My son, Mark, walked from Maine to New York on the Appalachian Trail.  Believe it or not, living without a roof and without even a comfortable chair has a great appeal to me.
The Barns This song includes images from several barns and garages I have known.
mandolin: Marc Carraway
When I Grow Up All disrespect intended.
Gravity I wrote this song for my daughter when she graduated from high school.  I’m still waiting for her to build that room for me.
cello: Paul Garnett

All songs copyright 1992 through 2016 by Bob Gramann

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